Heaven Up Hell Down

We all have dreams that take us up and like a soaring rocket we can suddenly fly!  With skillful ease we dive, sometimes, flapping our arms or pulling ourselves through the air like a fish, few kicks and we swim up again ascending into the deep blue sky ever higher.  Why do you imagine as […]

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The Apkallu

Uanna – Who finished the plans for Heaven and Earth? Uannadugga – Who was endowed with comprehensive intelligence Enmedugga – He who was allotted a good fate. Enmegalamma – Who was born in a house Enmebulugga – Who grew up on a pasture land An-Enlilda – The conjurer of the city Eridu Utuabzu – Who […]

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The Garden of Dilmun

“The land of Dilmun is a pure place, the land of Dilmun is a clean place, The land of Dilmun is a clean place, the land of Dilmun is a bright place; He who is alone laid himself down in Dilmun, The place, after Enki is clean, that place is bright” “Her City Drinks the […]

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Dilmun The Sumerian Eden

Dilmun, located in the Persian Gulf on the confluence of the fresh waters of the gulf and the salt waters of the sea.  The co-mingling between the two types of water was seen as the basis for life to form, the rich clay deposits demonstrate the life making process and for being just emerged from […]

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Stages of Development

Religious Cognition The 1st stage is Revelation:  A new revelation inspires the person who received the revelation to either spread the word about the idea, or writes his ideas down to be read by other or both.  Sometimes the revelation stage encompasses a tradition tied to a certain event that was shared among the people, […]

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Good & Evil

  We take the understanding of good and evil for granted.  Closer inspection of ancient authors suggest that this might not be the case.  Human beings have had to learn everything, from how to stand up on two legs, how to put meaning behind the different grunts and growls we make and yes, we even […]

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Happiness 4 Dummies!

Finding Happiness   Happiness is merely a CHOICE, obtainable by simply changing your mind, did you realize that?  Then why do you suppose there are so many people who refuse to believe this and instead decide to be miserable? There are only a thousand books out that validate this!   Yet the stubborn will ignore these […]

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The Sumerian Roots to Religion

Sumer was the region of land in modern day Iraq that saw the rise of the world’s first civilization.  Men lived side by side each other in numbers that defined cities and this organization and urbanized living gave rise to many firsts, including writing.  In the early part of the 20th century, men unearthed this […]

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