Happiness 4 Dummies!

Finding Happiness


Happiness is merely a CHOICE, obtainable by simply changing your mind, did you realize that?  Then why do you suppose there are so many people who refuse to believe this and instead decide to be miserable? There are only a thousand books out that validate this!   Yet the stubborn will ignore these proofs and continue to believe that their happiness is somehow unique and far more complicated than the average person’s!  Apparently, no matter how many times you inform these hard headed individuals with the simplicity of the paradigm, they fail to get a complete handle, dismissing the process as over simplified and futile.  Nevertheless, there is usually a new spin holding the number one spot on the bestsellers list at any given time, proving an inexhaustible need in at least Americans to master this art at all costs!  Very lucrative, so I want to get in on it as well, here is my own spin on the genre:  Happiness for dummies!  However my formula is as simple as the others, and these instant bestsellers are just variations on the same theme and each one is as easy to achieve or easier than simply deciding to be happy and then being happy!!  Anyone out there that thinks that there’s got to be a lot more to it than that are making things more complicated than they need to be!  The reason for their previous failures!  The answer to your own uniquely personal problem is as equally apparent as the solution!  You’re complicating things and standing in your own way with a poisonous perspective! That you are somehow special!  What is the answer?  What prevents you from gaining the happiness that you already possess? Perhaps by humbling thyself…or just deciding to be happy!

It’s simple!! You expect WAY too much!!!  You expect there to be much more involved than just changing your point of view!!!  You complicateelementary processes and deny yourself by disbelieving the simplicity of it all or by expecting there to be some grander existence happening, somewhere else and as a result you are eternally bored!  You are like a fiend that suspects a better ‘now’ exists around the corner.  Holding out for that so-called now you compromise the here and now where real happiness exists!  The garden seems greener on the other side, but if you watered this side you might discover you have the ability to decide where the greeneset grass will be!  It isn’t a big secret since it is logical that it is where it should be… here and NOW!  That is exactly where your happiness is waiting for you to be found!

Try to Simplify, appreciate the happenings you are experiencing, they are after all the most important, to you!  True happiness is derived by taking time to patiently take in all that is around you, the simplest of things that are all available to you RIGHT NOW is where it’s at!!!   Happiness is NOT in some imagined ‘better place’ where you are not!!  So quit checking your phone in the hopes that something better will come along.  For the truth is that the here and now can only be as dynamic as you make it out to be!!  Believing that happiness is wherever you happen to be and that the farther away you put your contingency for happiness, the more removed from that happiness you will be!!  You will find yourself very easily and with little to no effort… being happy!!  How easy was that?  The best things in life are the no-brainers!


The Sumerian Roots to Religion

Sumer was the region of land in modern day Iraq that saw the rise of the world’s first civilization.  Men lived side by side each other in numbers that defined cities and this organization and urbanized living gave rise to many firsts, including writing.  In the early part of the 20th century, men unearthed this forgotten civilization and found among its ruins a cache of tablets that have survived intact nearly 3000 years after they were written!  These tablets have shed a tremendous amount of light upon the ancient near east and the literature that has emerged from that period.  Among this is the Holy Bible, a collection of writings from a thousand years or so after these tablets were written.  With this new information came controversy surrounding the religions that still look to the Bible as the indisputable word of God!  Why should these tablets change that perspective, after all they are not concerned with Jewish history or the history of the Christian faith?  They do however tell the same stories that are told in the Bible and many of these stories lend sense to those told in the Bible, by revealing missing pieces and back story to the more familiar tales.  In this series I will explore those original stories and offer some reasons as to why they winded up in the bible.  


Prevention of Knowledge: The Real Power of Christ

What does Christianity teach?  The rhetoric is mostly centered on the idea that Christ died a horrible and excruciatingly painful death in order to redeem mankind for the sins that they have committed.  The focus being placed on the afterlife, a kind of time to look forward to that a devout Christian can say ‘told you so’ to the non-devout, that is of course to the people they don’t care about it, But what about the people they DO care about, if they aren’t saved?  

According to the doctrine, the rapture is a period of time in which the devoted Christians will be spared the torturous existence of the final days.  Everywhere these people will be ‘zapped’ into heaven while the Anti-Christ has his way with the world!  How Christians will be able to enjoy heaven knowing that people they knew and maybe even loved are being tortured on earth, is beside me, most Christians don’t relish the thought either, i’m sure… again it demonstrates a dysfunctional relationship, obeying a god, while mourning over those perishing because of that god!  That’s at least what ‘loving’ Christians might think, I hope! There are as many who view this scenario as an instance of ‘tough love’, as well.  In any event, this fixation over speculated future events is unhealthy and unproductive!  The true ‘miracle’ of life is taking place now and ‘now’ won’t happen again!  

Of course this argument is based on logic and concerning religions like Christianity, logic takes a seat behind fear, the motivating principle!  The fear of the unknown is a powerful fear and even though we live in an age where knowledge is accessible, people still don’t know how to go about finding the ‘right’ knowledge from the ‘lies’ that are set side by side with that knowledge.  Fear has put many people into power and it can maintain that power effectively, but does that legitimize that power?  If someone is bullied into making a choice, does that mean their choice represents their true feelings?  

Furthermore, if someone tells you the ‘truth’, is it also necessary to bully one into believing that ‘truth?  In other words, isn’t the truth about anything enough proof in itself, without requiring that you pledge an allegiance to that truth?  A rough example is as follows:  If I told you that water is two hydrogen atoms combined with one oxygen atom, and you take a molecule of water and subject it to your own scientific scrutiny and determine for yourself that what I told you is indeed true!  Is it also necessary for you to pledge an allegiance to that belief?  Of course not, so why do you have to confirm that Jesus is the son of God through ritual?  The answer is plain:  Because that is the only way to PROVE such an outrageous claim to yourself!  Intuition tells you something different, just like it tells you that you don’t want to jump off of a twenty story building!  You listen to your intuition, if you know what’s good for you!  

Some people are terrified to reject Christ, this is why so many still believe in the religion despite the evidence to the contrary.  It doesn’t seem to allay their fears by pointing out the fact that the story of Christ is an amalgamation of several ancient belief systems, with no unique concepts of it’s own!  The whole Jesus died for your sins idea is a plagarism of the Egyptian cult of Osiris, including the last supper and the changing of bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ.  These rituals were are as old as time itself, dating several thousand years before Christ!  The virgin Mary, the Ascension into heaven and the intercession of sins through blood sacrifice all are elements belonging to cults that existed long before Jesus!  

When you examine the way the people behaved in those days, it becomes clear that Christ and the story of Christ is but one of the hundreds of other competing ideas that were taking root in the minds of men during that epoch.  Why then did this particular idea win out?  That question has been considered for centuries and it is interesting to note that the same question is asked when we reflect on the fall of Rome, which coincides with the rise of Christianity!  Rome, the highest level of civilization that man had achieved at the time, had crumbled into an age of ignorance and despair after Christianity rose to prominence, The reasons are simple enough, the next 500 years men debated over questions that had no simple answers, even though they should have!  This area of study is known as Christology and it occupied the highest parts of men’s minds for what would have seemed an eternity!  

Endless debates and councils were formed to clarify facts that seem so insane that its embarrassing that so much time and effort was expended!  Yet I imagine if I lived during that time I would have demanded answers too, the same way that the educated people of the time asked if Christ was a God than how was he also man!  I too would want answers to make sense of non-sense and if that field of study was what the greatest minds of that time were concerned with, I too would want nothing to do with education! This goes along way as to explaining why those years were plagued with illiteracy and how superstitions were able to ferment!  

The humanization of Christ from the god presence he held before this time, began and images of Christ as a personable figure was easy to relate to and as the collapse of a central authority forced people into feudal relationships, renaming slaves to servants but retaining the same oppressive features of the prior society.  However that society was abundant and citizens were able to concern themselves with things other than obtaining food to stave off starvation.  They were able to pursue education and arts, but when man is hungry, he can think of little else and with the disorganization left behind after Rome also left with it centuries of ignorant peasants!  Those in a position of privilege were focused on discerning truth from the bible!  A book that is rich with symbolic literature, a genre akin to fiction!  Nonetheless, seven ecumenical councils were assembled to address the tri-nature of Christ, with the only authority being the holy Bible!

These people were unaware of the Sumerian epic literature that came before the Bible or of the history of Judea that puts this work into perspective!  These councils and the interests of the remaining governments that was put into the verdicts of these councils, formed a consensus among men that lent legitimacy to the insanity! Lo and behold Christendom is born!  A centralized authority based on the beliefs of the few that were powerful and rich enough to possess books and the knowledge to enable those few to read them!

However tragic, this isn’t the first time in history that knowledge was held by only a few elite, granting them power over the rest of the world.  Time and again groups have wielded knowledge as their sword to oppress the ignorant!  It may be argued that it is in this way that the first civilizations rose, the Sumerian Kings held power over their subjects by claiming the underwater springs which provided the people with water in the desert was provided to them only through the intercession of Enki with the God of the freshwaters!  This legitimized Enki’s rulership and made him a KIng!  In the mid part of the 20th century, movie moguls and an elite group of producers controlled the film and music industries simply because they possessed the equipment necessary.  There are nations like China that censor information, why do they do this?  In an effort to control their citizenry, because as the adage goes… knowledge is power!                      





 If you think that Christianity is ‘good‘, ‘moral‘ and ‘humane‘ … then you have been successfully programmed and you are scared to death to think anything else; because there is nothing slightly good, moral or humane about this hateful cult of ignorance.  If you identify yourself as a follower of Christ, you probably don’t see yourself as belonging to a ‘cult of hate’, in fact the opposite is probably true… 

Ironically you might also see my initial statement above as being ‘hateful toward Christians!’

 Let me clarify to you that I once considered myself Christian and that I know and love many people who still consider themselves Christians, so by saying that the cult of Christianity is immoral, inhumane and evil, I am not trying to imply that I think anyone associated with the church are necessarily those things, in fact to think in such blanket terms as to consider people inherently being evil is yet another product of indoctrination into the cult of Christ!  My liberation from those religions that had once tried to inhibit my education has enlightened my understanding and compassion, I now realize that no one or nothing is evil and that the notions of such forces are remnants of man’s adolescent imagination.

We have been conditioned rightfully to respect and tolerate religious differences and this respect for the freedom of religion is part of our constitution.  So an attack against the church of Christ feels disrespectful and that is understandable, because in America we protect your right to believe what you want!   However, if the cult of Molech were to establish its ministries down the street in your community,  would it be acceptable for this cult to worship? Religious freedom has its limits!  Like everything that  is written, to fully understand what the intentions of the author of our constitution was when they founded the USA, we must put it into context to the time and this reference to religious equality is a dated concept, having less significance in our time when there is no one challenging the rights of churches to practice.  Churches of Christ at least, and even the churches honoring Christ’s nemesis!  But  America was born in a time of religious persecution, when the harmless gathering of like minded persons was an offense enough to get yourself killed!  The churches of Christ today are FAR from the ‘harmless’ congregations of those times.  And they repeat their own bloody history, going from the persecuted to the persecutor once again!  The history of Christ and the church that bears his name is a history of darkness and sadism!  Centered on the mindless and ancient obsession of blood, and dedicated to a future that is drenched in even more blood and violence!  I’m sorry, but count me out!

 Some of us don’t want to keep repeating the past, some of us are ready to evolve and learn!  Learn about REAL things that pertain to today and the life that is abundant around us!  Christians are only concerned about death and power!  The mindset of the church is based on a servile relationship with the Christian God!  If you obey, your rewarded!  Everything is a game with this thinking, creating an us vs. them atmosphere, can people honestly believe that God could be this petty!  The notions of obedience and eternal reward do reveal the policies of slavery under which these idiotic ideas arose, it’s a sad reminder of how oppression can affect the minds of those oppressed and indeed those who oppress!  Another facet of human history that I’d rather not repeat! 

It was hard as a child coming into this world with conflicting thoughts as the ones that plagued my mind!  I was understandably mortified of ‘burning endlessly in hell’ as I was taught I would perish if I didn’t obey the ‘word of the lord’!  What a horrible thing to teach a child!  Why would anyone do that? 

Fear more or less governed my young mind, having a highly inquisitive nature, I was placed in a world full of respectable lunacy and told to accept an explanation that was riddled with flaws or be condemned!  The choice was easy:  I stopped questioning! 

Aloud at least, my mind was racing within, though and I pursued the truth despite.  The truth isn’t always pretty!  In fact it can be so stripped of passion sometimes that it seems pointless!  This, among many other reasons is why perpetuating a lie can appear to be attractive!  We WANT to believe so bad sometimes that we overlook things that are impossible to go unnoticed otherwise!  It is human nature to defend our beliefs and to not question them, but it isn’t our nature to deny the truth, especially if it conflicts with those beliefs.  With that said, it is our responsibility to constantly question our beliefs! If what you believe in is true, then it should be of no consequence to question it.  The truth will withstand any amount of interrogation and by tearing down any false foundations that  support those beliefs , you ensure that your next belief structure will be even stronger!

If you commit yourself to a higher standard and demand truth and only truth, regardless of what you may lose in the process, you will find that truth easily enough!  Don’t be discouraged if that truth seems blank to you at first, in fact it might need to look like that in order for you to truly wipe your ‘belief  slate’!  I assure you that the world is still as important and as meaningful  as it was when you believed in what wasn’t real!  The purpose of life is even more astounding and way beyond the fantasies of living in an eternal afterlife with only some of your loved ones! And way richer than some planetary war that ends with scores of millions being thrown into some kind of sacrificial oven!  I implore you to look beyond these dangerous old fantasies, the real world and life’s purpose is so much more than you have previously imagined and filled with so much love and compassion!  Elements that could not exist in the so-called elite portion of men that are ‘saved’!       

Exchanging Gods

When I grew up in the 1970’s, before the internet and the accessibility of information, I was exposed to many different sects of Christianity as part of my mother’s journey in her life to find spiritual meaning and purpose.  Originally raised as a Catholic, I was indoctrinated like so many other Americans were to believe that Jesus was the son of God and that by believing in his divinity and superiority, I would be ensured a life in heaven after my death here on Earth.  But growing up in America during the 1970’s, I was exposed to many other things besides the church and some of those things were in direct contrast to Jesus.

A third generation of rock n’ rollers were shaking up the world in those days and one group in particular was making a bold and provocative statement that flew right in the face of my indoctrination:  It’s name was KISS which was an acronym for Knights in Satan’s Service!  This outright defiance was blasphemous and shocking, it glorified the devil!  The adversary to Christ, whom we were programmed to adore!  It shocked everyone beyond belief and we were almost surprised that they weren’t struck down by lightning for being so proud to be evil!  Their blunt message was frightening to me because it made me wonder why anyone would ever invite their own damnation!  I was convinced that the band members were all going to hell!  That they had traded their tickets to heaven in for celebrity status and a life of partying on earth!  It gnawed at me that they could be so cavalier about their own soul’s fate!   Even though I liked their music, I felt ashamed for them.

My mother and I were raised catholic and I attended catechism every week, learned my prayers, memorized mass and accepted my first holy communion.  I loved the church, it was familiar, predictable and ritualistic.  I liked the chanting, the singing and the mystery that it presented.  My enjoyment was pronounced and I would even enact a mock mass with my cousin, reciting the words of the cantor and the priest!  ‘let us contemplate the mysteries of faith…’

I think I liked church for two reasons:  I enjoyed the group participation, especially how everyone would chant in reply to the cantor, knowing what to say and when to say it.  Years later I experienced a similiar dynamic while attending Grateful Dead concert…  it was always thrilling to me!  The other reason was more personal. associating going to my grandparents house for breakfast afterward with  church .  It was a good feeling and that made me one of those rare children who actually looked forward to Sunday’s service.  I had a probing and scientific mind, even then , and while learning about the creation one day in catechism, I asked my teacher when God created the dinosaurs?  She never missed a beat either.   ‘On the third day!’  she said so convincingly that I didn’t have a problem with that answer!

After my father committed suicide, my mother in her attempt to absolve what she believed was a ‘sin’, went to the priest of our church to get re-assurance that my father was forgiven in the eyes of God.  The priest, however, sought his own peace of mind  and told her unflinchingly that god had zero tolerance regarding suicide and my father would burn in hell for an eternity because of his sin!

As millions had before her, my mother rejected this answer, it violated what her own heart knew and it was at that moment that my mother and I parted company with the Catholic church!  I wasn’t old enough to understand any of this and I wasn’t even aware that it had happened until I was twenty something , all I knew is that we started to attend other churches!  Each church we attended resembled less and less the church I knew and loved.  To mediate the flood of new information, I started to read the source of that information and by that I mean the Bible.  However, I was discouraged from pursuing this by those churches and told that I didn’t need to bother with the Old Testament!  Instead they provided me with an all New Testament Bible and told to start there!  This was against everything I felt was right!  It made no sense to me to start reading a book from the middle!

It wasn’t long before I receded from believing in a god at all!  I had become an atheist, I was pushed away from the belief in god that I accepted without question!  I upset my mother tremendously when I announced my rejection of god, Christianity had been so embedded within her that she feared for my soul.   But I didn’t buy it, at least what was being forced on me from the born-again cults of Christ.  I renewed my faith in a God years after, though  through the mysteries of astrology. (read ‘Astrology pointed toward supreme consciousness).  My rejection wasn’t God, mind you, it was The god that was presented to me, the god of Christianity and I have spent nearly a lifetime since then trying to prove to myself and the world that that God  indeed does exist!   A series of spiritual encounters and a ‘gut’ inclination convinced me that there is a God, astrology had compounded that belief!

Having a strong scientific mind, I felt certain that I could prove his existence through science and spent several years accumulating information that I felt was convincing!  I built a tower of belief and suffered that belief structure collapse all around me, not once but three times! Each time I rebuilt the tower It grew stronger but not strong enough to survive my own scrutiny as I added information upon more information, tracing every step and learning everything I could about the roots of faith and the evolution of religion!

I no longer try to rebuild that tower, because the foundations of it are invariably flawed!  The knowledge that I have gained however has given me a clearer and more comprehensive perspective on the subject,  and I began to understand how god exists… God is the product of a collective, he resides in each individual and when we connect and we operate in a ‘group’ mentality, eventually comprising a collective state… a  God-Triggered-Cognition!  It is collective communication.  It is how the word becomes flesh!

What type of god head is triggered in a Christian collective?  Worshipping a cult object or person has conditioned entire societies into submission.  We have witnessed this in our past and in societies in the present.  Anyone looking at this can look at the North Korean government and agree that what is going on there is WRONG.  For those of you unaware of what I’m talking about, the North Korean government perpetuates and enforces a ‘cult of personality’ surrounding the country’s leader Kim Jong Sun.  Similar to the personality cult of Stalin after World War 2, the North Koreans attribute EVERYTHING to the ‘Great General’, praising and worshiping him as living God!  There is no freedom, no individualism and if you go into any home of the nearly 21 million homes in North Korea, you would NOT find pictures of the residents, their children nor any other loved ones!  You would find several portraits of the ‘great General’ , however, and you may see citizens prostrating themselves before them.  And, you would also hear the national radio broadcasting in those homes, because every home there is equipped with a state radio and none of them are able to be turned off! 

North Korea is a modernized country, the people look like they would live down the street from you! But they wouldn’t act like your typical neighbor.  Their adoration for the ‘Great General’ would make your skin crawl, because they revere him as if he were an omnipotent god!  Their fanaticism is frightening, you are unable to tell if they truly believe what they say or if their saying it out of fear, either way it’s like talking to a wall because they don’t hear anything that you say, they just repeat their praises for the ‘Great General’!  You know what it’s like when someone is blinded by faith, logic fails to change their minds!  Furthermore, this devotion to the ‘Great General’ is unnatural and undeserving!  Millions of them are starving to death because the General that they revere, refuses to help them!  Worse than that, he doesn’t allow anyone else in the world to help them either!  If anyone there were to complain about that, they AND their extended families, would be sent to a labor camp where they would be forced to work in mines for the rest of their lives!  Yet, these people praise the ‘General’ and worship him out of fear, they believe he is a god and therefore their suffering is inconsequential!

The terrorists who were responsible for the September 11th attacks on the United States killed themselves and others that were on their planes or at their targets, with the aim to initiate a Jihad or holy war!  They were confident that their sacrifice would be rewarded in the hereafter, that there would be harems and riches awaiting them in Heaven!  It doesn’t take a genius to know that these people were diluted and misguided!  It wasn’t hard for most Americans to wage war on Iraq and Afghanistan for the next several years, because these people and their misguided beliefs had  to be stopped!  The president labeled these countries along with North Korea as ‘an Axis of Evil’, not accepting the Islamic idea of ‘Jihad’, just defending our country from unprovoked attacks based on fanaticism.  But what if the United States DID call the war a Jihad?  Would Americans have rallied around the president and supported this war if it was billed as a ‘Holy war’?

I doubt most of you would have accepted that as a basis for war, it was a defensive action based on the attacks against our nation that rallied us to support the war.  Yet, the president and many other Americans, DID view it as a Holy War and despite how rational you believe your fellow countrymen are, there were many who were as disillusioned as the terrorists were, believing that this was a call to the Christians of America to destroy the heresy of Islam!  This is a dangerous way to think!  It was this type of thinking that drove the witch burnings that took place in Salem in the seventeenth century!  Ignorance and fear taking control of men’s minds and allowed to run rampant!

I bring up these points to illustrate how vulnerable we are even in this modern age.  We need to remember how our false beliefs have been responsible for senseless murder so that we can avert that poisonous thinking from spreading again and repeating itself.  There is a serious phenomenon that threatens to destroy our society and our world if we aren’t careful and that threat is closer to home than you would want to believe!  It goes by the name of Christianity and if something isn’t done to prevent it soon, it threatens to destroy all of us!

Christianity may seem harmless and some of you may even consider it a good cause!  Yet this belief system is dedicated to bringing upon a climatic third world war!  There is a never-ending  influx of visitors to the holy city of Jerusalem by American and other Christians, they go to that city to visit the places that Christ is thought to have lived and died.  Many of these pilgrims are belligerent as they make their way to the temple mount, the site that now sits the Dome of the Rock, a Mosque that is sacred to Islam.  These Christians taut their beliefs and desire that this holy attraction be destroyed, to make way for the rebuilding of a third Jewish temple.  They believe that the Mosque will be destroyed and they have no reservations at proclaiming this to the Muslims that have come to this Mosque for the last 500 years!

Like the North Koreans revere the General, the Christians attribute everything to Christ, they believe that everyone else except themselves are doomed to be destroyed by their image of a vengeful and unjust god!  They are so diluted in this thinking even though this is the same thinking that is responsible for countless millions of Jewish people being exterminated in the past!  Their arrogance has no boundaries as they think that the Jewish people in Israel must convert to Christianity in order to be saved!  Under this belief they attempt to convert any Jew to their way of thinking, regardless if they want to or not!

Its hard to believe that in this age, people can be so ignorant, you have to wonder how a religion like Christianity survives despite the science and discovery  that has surfaced to discredit it!  It’s existence is bewildering and we should be as likely to assert that the Earth is the center of the universe as we are to say that Jesus was a living god!  Yet millions of Americans DO believe this and their belief isn’t benign, it is a dangerous theology that clouds men’s reason.  Its premise is destructive and as history shows us over and over again how this cloudy thinking can be capable of unspeakable depravity.  It is designed to discriminate and has NO place in a civilized and enlightened society!  So how does this hateful and intolerant religion remain?

The answer isn’t what some Christians would like to believe ‘that it remains’ because they claim it as ‘truth’.  Nor is it divine in some way to survive in the face of scientific discovery!  The fact is that Christianity remains a part of our modern world because of two reasons.  First and foremost is conversion, Christian doctrine requires its members to  recruit and convert everyone!  Like a self-replicating disease, Christian thought seeks to convince everyone to its way of thinking!  It cultivates itself by threatening an eternal damnation upon anyone who isn’t a convert.  Fear is the other reason that it has survived into the modern age!  For unlike any religion before or after, Christianity is unrelenting in its attitude towards other ways of thinking!  It denies that another ways are even possible and it warns its followers that by rejecting it’s dogma, one would be damned to an eternal and torturous suffering!  The god that Christians claim Christ to be is an oppressive and vengeful dictator, one that has no compassion for any other people, except the ones who serve and worship him!

Sounds a lot like the ‘Great General’!  It’s either his way or the highway and the souls that are lost are of no consequence.  In a perfect Christian world, there would exist no one who saw things differently!  Moral and ethical considerations don’t apply, you are either Christian or damned!  It matters not if your heart is good, if you are not ‘born again’ than you are unworthy to be cared about!  The reverse is true also, if you’re a corrupt and a heartless man that HAS been born-again, you will be ‘saved’, but the philanthropist who does good but  isn’t born-again will be judged  and damned eternally! How ridiculous is that?!  As ridiculous as the believers in Christ who proclaim these laws to be absolute and judge their fellow man by the interpretations of a book.  A book that they themselves won’t even BOTHER to read or learn how, why or where it was written!!

Claiming that these books are the ‘word of god’ and therefore unquestionable, they ignore its many contradictions, they dismiss the evidence that puts those books into context and they make up their own reasons for the text and why it was inspired!  Never before has a religion promoted so much ignorance and now this religion threatens to undo all of the progress that men have made!

Although its familiar and the people who identify with it may be good people that you know and love, this religion is dangerous and isn’t the ‘loving’ institution that it portrays itself to be.  It’s love is limited to its congregation and it’s even more self serving,  Christians believe that the world is coming to an end, but not before a World Wide War is fought by all the people on the planet!  They claim that this war will be waged by the people who are ‘left behind’ after they themselves have been ‘zapped’ into heaven.  But even though they believe that they will be spared this conflict, they pursue policies that hasten this war to begin.  Why?  Obviously it matters NOT that this war take place, since they will be gone!  In fact their looking forward to it and wish it would hurry up and happen!

If Christians really were ‘loving’ as they claim to be, they wouldn’t want the world to end as soon as possible!  If they really believed the rhetoric that they proclaim, they should want to save as many people as they could and not pray for the end to hurry up and come!   Love for others  isn’t a pre-requisite for Christianity!  Only love for Christ! But hate is!  Christians are taught to hate the sin that they themselves admit we all are guilty of having!  So they are allowed to hate… everyone!

If Christ really did return, I’m positive he would not want to be associated with the religion that bears his name!  The elitist ideal that the Christians of this age espouse, has little to do with good and more to do with evil than any other religion ever practiced.  Christianity is based on fear and it uses fear to subdue it’s believers!  If Christianity was ‘Good’ and based on ‘love’ and ‘Goodness’  it wouldn’t need to coerce  it’s followers into submission the way that it does!  If Christianity was ‘Truth’ as it proclaims, it wouldn’t need to rely on scare tactics and fear mongering to validate itself!  But Christianity is all about fear!  It hurls threats at people, it attempts to scare its converts and the consequence for rejecting it is much worse than any mortal, earthly and physical death!  The harm one is subjected to for disobeying it’s doctrines are everlasting and eternal.  A merciless sentence from a god that claims to have compassion!

No father or mother who truly loved their child, could ever allow or wish that type of fate for their loved one, yet we are to believe that God isn’t as compassionate as any mortal parent?  The religion claims to represent good while it vanquishes evil, but nothing is as evil as abandoning your loved ones to that type of fate!  There is nothing benevolent about controlling your subjects with fear!  That is the make-up of an oppressive leader, one who rules with an iron fist!  It’s legacy has been slavery and slavery is where the real roots of this religion are found!  Since the civilizations of Sumer and Egypt, oppressors enslaved populations of men and with force they indoctrinated them into believing their own inferiority.

Even after the enlightenment and the evigorating mood for knowledge that it instilled, the darkness threatens to return and deny our progress!  Christians disrupt every area of life from education to politics, pressing their agenda!  The agenda is to encourage ignorance, gloss over truths, they have gone to great lengths to alter the wording in textbooks to imply evolution is just a theory, a guess !!! But they go even further and try to incubate the baseless claims of creationism and they act as if it is just as valid!  They try to erase Jefferson and enlightenment ideals he represented.  They want us to ignore the scientific discoveries that are made by dedicating themselves to arresting our development!  They dismiss the achievements of many great people, not allowing history to say something that is in opposition to their perverted perceptions!  While so arrogantly try to curtail the rights of other individuals!

You might want to believe that their intentions are good, but the fact is:  Christians believe that there is only ONE way to live!  If we allowed society to become the way that they want, we would be like the North Koreans!  Praising Jesus for everything that happens!  Not allowing art and music to be about anything other than Jesus!  Not allowing others to say anything that wasn’t what Christ would say!  And who by the way would decide what Christ would say?!  Christians would, because Power is what they truly worship! 

As TV shows push the limits in self expression, Christians would have us revert back to the 1950’s!  Where there were separate beds and everyone is white!  If you think that I’m kidding,  Just listen to any born again Christian!  They are at odds with every aspect of human nature!  They want to suppress homosexuals, believing them to be ‘sick’ and in need of re-programming!  They will rant about moral decline and how we need to censor the media!

What is most disturbing, however, none of these people know what context the bible is written in, yet they claim to be experts at deciphering the material and applying the words of these books to events that are almost certainly anachronistic to the real events!  They believe that the bible came pre-packaged!  That god assembled these books in this order and that is the word of God!  They refused to accept the discoveries made in ancient Sumer and to this day they don’t bother to read or understand the relationships between the entire body of literature, which they ignore!  Instead they focus on their bible as it came to us in a canon, never seeing its place among the entire work of philosophy.

Recently archaeologists discovered  Libraries of ancient tablets that contain the original stories of the bible and these stories are 2000 years  older! The garden of Eden is told in an entirely different light!  But clearly these stories were re-adapted  by Jewish scribes much later!  For more about these early roots of biblical stories read the post entitled:  The Sumerian roots to religion.

We need to de-Christianize our society, it has crippled mankind for too long!  One could say that we are better off for the experience and I too would agree!  Christianity served an important purpose in the history of man, like any adversity can make one stronger, the Christian movement cast mankind into the dark ages, a period of history so named because of illiteracy and lack of progress!  Here mankind went from living in an advanced culture not unlike our present one with impressive monuments and achievements  to living in shacks, starving and governed by superstition and ignorance!  This is where Christians want to take us today! To a world of slavery and rigid rule!

We’ve triggered god consciousness before, anytime a group of people are united they form a god consciousness.  The reason Christian consciousness has been so successful is because of conversion.  There are the people who are not converts, these don’t need to be bullied into doing the right thing, or rewarded with the promise of heaven.  If we formed our own united god head, being aware of our God cognition alone would enable us to act more autonomous and take strides toward  more specific and  goals that are ‘beneficial to all’Just think what that could do on the operational level of the current church!  It would be more productive that’s for sure, it’s policies wouldn’t be hinged upon an imagined Armageddon, it would be focused on a prosperous future instead!  One that embraces ALL of humanity and ncourages education and free self expression!

The Science of Prayer

Ever since I was a child, I have courted with the power of the ‘Rosary’, reciting it only for Important things, afraid to ask for things that weren’t necessary for fear that it would stop working!  The reason for that fear is because it HAS worked every time I’ve done it!  I saw an interview with Jim Carey where he divulged a similar belief, explaining that when he was young he recited the Rosary to petition God for a bicycle, which he received only days later, his belief in the power of the Rosary, led him to reserve its use. like myself, to things that he felt were necessary.  Afraid that any frivolous use would render its power as useless, but he used it to get a million dollars.  He explained that after his petition, he was so sure it would work, that he mailed a check to himself in the amount of a million dollars, confident that he would be able to cash it upon its receipt!  This of course happened and his account was able to clear the check easily.


This is similar to the idea of prayer and the power of prayer, which devoted believers will tell you, is an extremely powerful tool and one that each one of us possesses.  For the skeptics, who want physical proof of how this works, a scientific reason that explains the dynamics involved, I decided to explore these things in this article.  Why does prayer work?  How does prayer work?  Is there a specific way to pray?  Is there a specific divinity that one must pray to?

The dynamics of prayer are simple, the power that the mind has when its makes itself available to suggestion.  There are a number of books written about the power of suggestion and the power of visualization. Visualization is a powerful tool and learning how to create rich mental images will greatly increase your prayers success.

How exactly do images in one’s mind transfer into physical reality?  This is the  magic that is really just psychology:  If Reality itself is dependent on its perception!  Why don’t we each create different realities?  The answer is simple, in order for our perceptions to be universal, everyone else must also be capable of perceiving it!  If the reality isn’t universally agreed upon, then it won’t manifest.  So how do we alter reality?  We don’t, we can only alter the circumstances within our already agreed upon realities!  these circumstances must also be approved by the whole who experience it, in other words, I can change the amount of money I have because everyone else sharing this reality agrees that this isn’t in any way violating the rules of reality.  We are allowed to manipulate many aspects of our reality, just not the aspects that are already defined.

The ancients believed that ‘words’ themselves were divine and that to utter them was to bring to life their meaning!  This is the foundation for man’s belief in magic!  The idea that a spell could be formulated and recorded(written down), to be recited later and thus invoking its intentions by affecting physical reality, this is a long held idea in the minds of men.  They believed that words were more powerful than the men who spoke them, that words were a god and not just any god, but THE god!   The New Testament describes God as ‘the word’ who became flesh, attributing  all of the creation  to the utterances that he spoke!  This inspired philosophers to see that words were living, they called them the logos.

Centuries later in Europe. Descartes, believed that the proof of God’s existence could be declared by a short phrase:  ‘Cogito ergo sum’   (I think, therefore I am!).  He showed that the logos and our own thoughts are simply thoughts that originate from within!  Centuries later, our newly liberated thought is broken down even further into its binary constituents, which are arranged in various ways to represent real things, while in an artificial environment, but displaying a virtual reality!  An example of a computer ‘Thinking, therfore being’.  This analogy is closer than you think,  man began by translating his thoughts to others and by doing so he developed social networks based on gods that they believed were the true source of these thoughts.  In the desire to serve these gods, they combined their efforts and this created  societies of men who believed and served these gods.  Eventually these nations were able to record these thoughts, influencing the generations to come, each contributing new ideas and new technologies, while the ties that bound them grew into chains and each nation is defined by their mutual ideology.  These ideologies grew and competed (around Descartes time) when man began to claim these thoughts as their own, and therefore freeing them from those forces that bound them and their thinking.

These free thinkers were then able to abstract thought even further into the microscopic realm.  They began to see that everything that is can be described in its most simplest terms using numbers.  They were able to describe the universe and everything in it with equations, showing a relationship everywhere and between everything, even things that seemed completely unrelated.  They realized then that thoughts, words and everything were created and powered by  two opposing forces.  These states can be manipulated into five possibilities which describe every possible outcome! So then the logos become logic, which enables man to think outside of his mind and to where he is able to create thinking machines.  Now he is able to use his mind in ways he was unable to before, no longer burdened.  The development of language from the earliest record of cave paintings to the development of languages and through the technology of writing.  The recording of words in the ancient times, man’s first major achievement, the Bible, The Iliad, the Republic, the written word in its golden age!  The Written word will eventually evolve several centuries later, long after Rome falls in the period known as the Renaissance, where the word is expressed through art and music.  Centuries later its transformed again through mathematics, the numeric expression of language.  This is refined through algebraic equations describing abstract principles, like e=mc2! And the enlightenment brings us to early modern man, but he never loses his passion for communication! The logos become logic and then logarithm and now man is encoding in binary.  The further we advance, we are more and more aware of the nature of our reality.  We are begining to see that we can capture images, make moving films, transmit instructions and this manipulation of reality breaks us from the perspective of being surrounded by immovable forces.  It all becomes just…  information.  Information that we interpret all around us and that information is the encoded in the very same languages that we think, speak and create with.

9 Days left for all of mankind!?

Here we are, nine days from that ominous date, the end of the Mayan calendar… December 21, 2012.


I have long anticipated this day since first reading about the Mayans in the early 1990’s, I haven’t worried about it, just wondered, and now that it’s like… next week, I’m like wait A MINUTE!  Its not really the end!  Is it?   It just seems so unreal… so implausible that anything that drastic (at least as drastic as it has been billed up to be) could actually happen next week!  But then again the more I that I ponder it,  the  more it seems somehow possible, I mean all things eventually DO have to end, that’s a physical fact.  And they do have to end sometime, even if that sometime is inconveniently…  next week!

There have been many speculations made as to what will happen on this date, I myself included, but now that it is fast approaching  it seems like no one wants to eat their words because as much as the media had gone on throughout the years, now they seem eerily silent.  But when they were speaking, some of them were saying it would be the end of the world and that the earth would face a great calamity which would wipe out mankind entirely.  About the only chatter I’ve heard recently, also subscribes to this interpretation, that’s the output from  the Web-Bot which claims that there is no internet traffic or communications during the first half of 2013


I am, however, one of those who like to believe in life after 2012, Yet, I also feel the need to express my trepidation and feelings about the impending date, nine days in the future from this one.   I believe there is a lot to be learned here and we do need to heed this warning,  if only just to humble ourselves!  Mankind is relatively new to this earth and there have been numerous mass extinctions in the history of our planet.  The dinosaurs and other species have all contributed to this evolutionary phase of development that we enjoy today.  Those previous species paved the way for us ape-like beings to develop speech and eventually create great civilizations!  So the question that this really poses is whether or not mankind is the absolute final product of evolution?  If not, than it does stand to reason that mankind WILL need to be wiped out in order to make way for that superior evolutionary being!  Furthermore, there is no reason to believe that we will somehow be prepared for that eventuality, nor will it likely occur comfortably.  But suddenly and without any fanfare!  Therefore, the prospect of everything coming to an end next week is I suppose… plausible!

magic_ball_by_luisbc-d613bgbr there is that remote possibility that mankind DOES indeed represent the ultimate development of all evolutionary life…  In which case I think we might be in bigger trouble than any of us could of imagined!