9 Days left for all of mankind!?

Here we are, nine days from that ominous date, the end of the Mayan calendar… December 21, 2012.


I have long anticipated this day since first reading about the Mayans in the early 1990’s, I haven’t worried about it, just wondered, and now that it’s like… next week, I’m like wait A MINUTE!  Its not really the end!  Is it?   It just seems so unreal… so implausible that anything that drastic (at least as drastic as it has been billed up to be) could actually happen next week!  But then again the more I that I ponder it,  the  more it seems somehow possible, I mean all things eventually DO have to end, that’s a physical fact.  And they do have to end sometime, even if that sometime is inconveniently…  next week!

There have been many speculations made as to what will happen on this date, I myself included, but now that it is fast approaching  it seems like no one wants to eat their words because as much as the media had gone on throughout the years, now they seem eerily silent.  But when they were speaking, some of them were saying it would be the end of the world and that the earth would face a great calamity which would wipe out mankind entirely.  About the only chatter I’ve heard recently, also subscribes to this interpretation, that’s the output from  the Web-Bot which claims that there is no internet traffic or communications during the first half of 2013


I am, however, one of those who like to believe in life after 2012, Yet, I also feel the need to express my trepidation and feelings about the impending date, nine days in the future from this one.   I believe there is a lot to be learned here and we do need to heed this warning,  if only just to humble ourselves!  Mankind is relatively new to this earth and there have been numerous mass extinctions in the history of our planet.  The dinosaurs and other species have all contributed to this evolutionary phase of development that we enjoy today.  Those previous species paved the way for us ape-like beings to develop speech and eventually create great civilizations!  So the question that this really poses is whether or not mankind is the absolute final product of evolution?  If not, than it does stand to reason that mankind WILL need to be wiped out in order to make way for that superior evolutionary being!  Furthermore, there is no reason to believe that we will somehow be prepared for that eventuality, nor will it likely occur comfortably.  But suddenly and without any fanfare!  Therefore, the prospect of everything coming to an end next week is I suppose… plausible!

magic_ball_by_luisbc-d613bgbr there is that remote possibility that mankind DOES indeed represent the ultimate development of all evolutionary life…  In which case I think we might be in bigger trouble than any of us could of imagined!


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